Mediterranean Cruise Hotspot: Venice

It is often every man, woman, and child’s dream to embark upon that great sea adventure that we refer to as a cruise. Often times we think it is too expensive for us to afford. Fortunately, this is not so.

Cruises nowadays are becoming much more affordable to the average family. Whether it be with the entire family, or only as a couple, or even by yourself, cruises now offer options for everyone. And with that, comes more choice of cruise destinations.

Europe has long been one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world for any adventurous or historical traveler. Nothing has ever beaten the grandeur of a cruise to Europe and a stop on land to sight see through the medieval towns of old.

For lovers of warm temperatures, airy scenery, and on a quest to sample excellent foods, Italy has especially been the place of choice.

Home to the master pieces of Michaelangelo, the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, and such greatly known architectural works as the Sistine Chapel, the lands of Italy are full of landmarks and constant adventure for any tourist. It is not a coincidence, therefore, that the two most loved cities of Italy, Rome and Venice, are also home to the biggest cruise ship ports.

Whilst lounging in a Gondola in Venice, you can luxuriously sail through the canal streets, breathing in the scenic air and wafting scent of home cooked Italian meals.

Gondola at Rialto in Venice

Every traveler has come to enjoy the splendor of Venice particularly, and no one has returned unsatisfied. Here you can witness the annual Carnival of Venice, which is so often advertised to the accompaniment of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”.

Do not forget the wonderful cathedrals as you stroll down the bustling streets! Each cathedral is a history in itself with such works of art and sculpture that you could never have imagined to be crafted by human hands.

With all the travelling you will soon find yourself feeling hungry, but fortunately there are numerous food street vendors and world famous restaurants and cafes. And when in Italy, why not act as the Italians? To refresh yourself, try having the daily post-lunch midday nap to revitalize your spirit and settle all the delicious food you have eaten.

As with any location, Venice also has a variety of shops and open markets for any person who loves to shop until they drop. Buying a souvenir or piece of jewelry from Venice will have you the envy of anyone back home, or make the perfect gift for anyone special in your life.

Venice and the lands of Italy are not just mere cruise destinations. Once you have stepped onto the shore, you will instantly feel yourself entering a new, previously unknown realm that you and your entire family are sure to enjoy.

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