Cruising Hotspot: The Coast of Istria

About Istria

Istria is a standout peninsula on the Adriatic Sea shared by Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. Not only is Istria the largest peninsula on the Adriatic Sea but also happens to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia. It is particularly perfect for cruise tourism as it offers tourists a chance to enjoy the face of Istria while cruising along this panoramic coast. For many years, the Istrian towns of Porec and Umag have topped best resorts for visitors to Croatia. In addition, Istrian destinations have been regularly highlighted by leading media and travel operators such as CNN, National Geographic Traveler, Huffington post, Lonely Planet, and Holiday Check.

Why Istria

One of the greatest assets that Istria enjoys is ease of access from multiple locations in Europe. You can easily get direct flights from as far as London, while at the same time you can make an easy trip through Italy. Whether flying, sailing, cruising, or just driving, you can easily access Istria from multiple locations if you are already in Croatia. Visitors who want to access Istria without much travelling, for instance have used Pula Airport, severally.

Where to go

According to popular Croatian televisions and the tourist Board of Croatia, the other towns of Istria such as Pula and Rovinj are very popular with occasion tourists too. For instance, Pula is home to the famous Amphiteather which is one of the region’s best-preserved roman architecture amphitheaters. Istria has a distinct Italian impact, as the town was previously a part of Italy during the early years of the 20th century. Whether, you are visiting inland or are just cruising along the Istrian Coast there are hundreds of memorable sites for you to visit. Although Istria lacks many expansive islands compared to some of its southern neighbors, the Brijuni islands offer an excellent place for day trips.

Istria, Croatia


You can enjoy numerous events in Istria. For instance if you are a tennis lover, you can enjoy the annual Croatian Open ATP championship in Umag or you can make a trip down to Porec where you can enjoy the lovely Euphrasian Basilica which is protected by UNESCO where you will enjoy Byzantine art and the ancient roman Castrum .

If you love leisure travel and yachting, then you should make sure that you visit Brijuni islands, as this is like the marvel of cruise travels in Istria. Even if you do not have your own boat or yacht, you can easily rent one from a Croatian charter.  Numerous nature parks, hotels, and sporting activities can be visited whenever you feel like having some good time. Istrian beaches are real wonders and you will get to enjoy the best coves with pearly pebbles and the most picturesque sun-drenched rocky reefs.

The climate of Istria is mixed and you will get to enjoy Mediterranean, Continental, and Oceanic climates as you cruise from north to south. For food lovers, a plethora of different cuisine exists in the many resorts, hotels, and marinas that you will find in Istria.


Istria is a perfect destination for holiday lovers especially for cruisers and sailors. Please make a point of visiting Istria, to enjoy some of the best sceneries you can imagine.

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