Cruising Croatia: Krka Waterfalls and Historical Sibenik

When summertime comes, the first thing that people think about is where to go for a vacation. For most people, this needs to be planned out extremely well since this is the one and only time that they can get some rest and relaxation. Of course when you think of summer, the only logical response is the beach. However, if you have the time and budget for it, you can take it up a notch and go full throttle by cruising Croatia Cruises.

Experiencing Croatia at Its Finest

Mediterranean Cruises is one of the best vacations you can ever experience and the best place to go to would be Sibenik. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country especially Krka Waterfalls in Krka National Park, which is about 10km inland of Sibenik.

Krka Waterfalls in Croatia

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The easiest way to get to Krka National Park is, in fact, through boat since it is very near the coast. Once there, you can enjoy the multitude of flora and fauna with more than 800 species of wildlife available. The main highlight is, undoubtedly, the magnificent Krka Waterfalls. It is actually a collection of 17 waterfalls that comes in varying heights with some going for more than 45 meters.

You will also get to see plenty of animal life and most of them are, unsurprisingly, in the waters. The entire Krka River is home to a huge assortment of amphibian and reptile life that will certainly be new to your eyes and ears. Aside from that, there are also more than 200 species of birds and some 18 kinds of bats.

Sibenik, Croatia

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Other Things to Experience

Just going to Sibenik and Krka Waterfalls is enough of an experience; however, that isn’t the end of your cruising Croatia trip since there are a lot more sights to see. There is the Skradinski buk, which is one of the most beautiful and unusual landscapes in Krka National Park. The Town of Sibenik is also a unique city that is a mix of urban and natural and is a very big tourist destination as well. The Cathedral of St. James is one of the most impressive architectural achievements in the country and is an incredible must-see as well.

Cruising in Croatia

Image source: Holiday Croatia

Why Go on a Cruise?

A vacation should be a time for relaxing so you should choose something that won’t stress you out. Cruising Croatia is actually one of the most hassle-free vacation options since you get the most value for what you spend. In most cases, your cost per day isn’t that expensive and even includes your meals and lodging. Plus, you get to see a lot more places and you don’t have to worry about traveling there since the cruise has a set path that it will take you on. Moreover, when it comes to cruises, Croatia has some of the best cruising destinations in the world so if you already have your heart set on going to that country, then you should experience it in the best way possible.

If you are planning for something special this summer vacation then try out Croatia and going for a cruise. Sibenik, Krka Waterfalls, and other attractions are waiting for you there.

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