Barbados: You’ll Never Want to Leave

Ah, the Caribbean. That mystical and attractive land that everyone dreams of visiting. Where the water is so clear you can see the bottom of the ocean, where there are no snowy and cold winters to keep you indoors, and where wearing sandals and shorts or skirts is an everyday fashion. What’s not to love about it?

Not surprisingly, the Caribbean is considered one of the most popular cruise destinations in our modern world. Nearly every cruise port has a Caribbean cruise package offered, some ships travelling hundreds of miles across the Atlantic Ocean just to offer its travelers the chance to get even a glance at the white beaches of the tropics.

Perhaps the most popular destination in the Caribbean is the scenic island of Barbados. Luckily for any native English language speaker, the Barbados island was a territory of Britain until the late nineteen hundreds, which means that no diploma in a foreign language is necessary in order to be able to communicate with the friendly people of “B’dos”, as the locals often say.


Barbados has recently been the site of much construction and modernization along its shore locations, but an easy venture inland will bring you back to the natural beauty of the world that Mother Nature herself intended for us. Here, where the trees and leafy greens are abundant, you will be able to see the natural plants and wildlife of the island in action, and understand why so many people would want to preserve such a natural habitat.

Here you can experience the rich culture of Barbados and visit many of the island’s most famous locations. Because the island is rich in “cash crops”, as we might call them, the food is often made from local ingredients freshly plucked from the island’s farms.

You will never regret having tasted the food on the island. Not only is it fresh and wholesome, but it has that Caribbean twist that is often craved for. Yet, do not be surprised to notice some English influences in the food, which might also remind you of home.

Whether it be to shop at one of the numerous small town stores, or soak up the sun on the white beaches of the island, or to explore until your feet are sore, Barbados is an absolute must to experience. Don’t be surprised if you soon regret having ever left!

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