6 Best Ways To Cruise Around Croatia

Croatia, famous for its 1100 mile long coastline as well as the numerous islands, has sea transport as the main means to experience its beauty, making it one of the best destinations for a Mediterranean Cruise. This has been discovered by various travellers all over the world. For easy navigation, therefore, it offers a cruise season that runs from the month of April to mid-October with various types of cruises including discovery cruises, luxury cruises, sailing cruises, super-ship cruises, local cruises and day cruises which are all discussed below:

Discovery cruises – are mostly used in learning about the fascinating history of the country and exploring the castles and cathedrals. There are two history-based cruises. First one, Voyages to antiquity, enables exploration of Croatia on several itineraries along Mediterranean Sea some of which Venice to Istanbul runs as well as Athens to Venice. This cruise can carry more than 300 people with lectures from noted scholars taking place. The key points include the ancient city of Zadar which attracted Romans, Byzantines and Venetians, Korcula Island known to be Polo’s birthplace and Split. The second discovery cruiser, Travel Dynamics International has relatively smaller ships for Adriatic adventures.

Luxury cruise – offers luxurious travels in a relaxed environment. In fact what it offers is more of yachting than cruising. This fantastic cruise explores Adriatic on numerous Mediterranean outings. This cruise has several stopping points including cities of Split and Dubrovnik, korcula islands, the verdant Hvar Island as well as the green Rab Island not forgetting the photogenic Rovinj. The Regent Seven Seas cruise offers classic luxurious cruise experience while visiting Croatia with its only stopping point being at the Dubrovnik city. This elegant cruise has a capacity of 700 passengers.

Sailing cruise – is another vessel used for exploration. However, this cruise is wind-driven bringing a feeling of excitement. The best of all is the magnificent Star Clippers which is the world’s largest sailing ship with a carrying capacity 227 passengers. This clipper is usually 5-masted. Its stops are always at Dubrovnik, Rovinj and Hvar. On the other hand, variety’s Panorama, a 3-masted ship with a carrying capacity of 49, offers weeklong cruises stopping at Dubrovnik and Korcula.

Super-ship cruises – dock nowhere else other than Dubrovnik and Split. This is because of their portly nature. One of the nicest super-ships, Celebrity silhouette, can carry as many as more than 2800 passengers while the modest and relaxed ship, Royal Caribbean, call in Croatia with 1800 passengers aboard.

Local cruises – include of several small boats that make regular visits of Croatia’s islands and coast. Their small sizes enable them to dock at almost all ports including the gorgeous small ones where large vessels would not dock. One of the best local cruise operators, Katarina line, offers weeklong journeys to various individuals with 20 to 40 people aboard. Croatia’s gulets are small motorized sailboats with 8 to 20 carrying capacities and are known for making the itineraries highly flexible.

A day cruise – offers day tours to local coast towns as well as islands. They are booked by just showing up before 9 a.m. or even in advance through a clearinghouse. They offer lunch of caught fish before making their return to the port before 6 p.m. all these cruises are what make exploration of Croatia’s coastline amazing.

Image source: Croatia Charter

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